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Pediatrician Surgeon in Jaipur

Are you looking for the best pediatrician in Jaipur who can help your little one overcome major childhood problems? Babylon Hospital is the top child hospital in Jaipur that offers quality care to the newborn, infants and older children for advance care facilities. One of the core branches of medicine, Pediatrics primarily emphasizes the medical and health conditions of infants, children and the newborn. Although neonatologists are considered appropriate for the care of premature and newborn babies they can work with pediatricians to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes for the neonates. Our pediatricians not only aims at treating several medical conditions of children like injuries, infection, genetic and congenital problems, and organ dysfunction but also help in overcoming the chronic conditions of the children.

Our pediatrician in Jaipur provides healthcare facilities under a wide spectrum of subspecialties such as pediatric cardiology, gastroenterology, neonatal medicine, endocrinology, hematology, critical care medicine, pediatric urology, nephrology, etc. Moreover, we believe that Pediatrics is not limited to the treatment of the ailing child but to improve the quality of life and health of the child in the long run. Thus, our pediatric specialists are also involved in early detection and prevention of social and mental disorders such as depression and anxiety along with development and behavioral disorders and functional disabilities. To provide comprehensive treatment to children, these specialists work with other professionals to treat congenital and genetic defects.

The healthcare requirements of infants and children are quite different from adults and many a time the children are not able to express their problem regarding what is bothering them. Thus, our specialists interact with these children to help them find out the right cause of the problem so that the most appropriate treatment can be provided to them to provide them greater relief.

pediatric surgeon in jaipur

Quality surgical treatment for your child problem is possible with the pediatric surgeon in Jaipur

Unlike the normal surgeons, our pediatrician surgeon in Jaipur focuses on the correct diagnosis, preoperative, operative as well as the post-operative management of children’s problems that require surgical treatment. The child may range from newborn to teens. Although medication is considered as the best alternative available certain problems can be treated through surgical correction only. The major surgeries that can be performed by pediatric surgeons include neonatal surgery, pediatric oncology and urology, trauma surgery and prenatal surgery. The neonatal surgery involves surgically repairing the birth defects that can cause a threat to the life of the newborn due to preterm birth.

In the case of pediatric oncology, the pediatric surgeon undertakes completes diagnosis and surgical removal of lethal diseases like cancerous tumors as well as tumors with benign growth. In addition to this, sometimes due to any genetic problems, infants and children can have significant musculoskeletal and bone-related problems that adversely impact their movement and activities like walking, standing, sitting, etc. The pediatric orthopedic doctor in Jaipur can help infants and children to overcome orthopedic problems such as broken bones, deformities of limb and spine along with limping and infections of bone and joints. Furthermore, traumatic injuries that occur due to sudden falling or any accident are also one of the causes that require treatment by the pediatric orthopedic doctor.

At Babylon Hospital, our best pediatrician in Jaipur recommend parents get a consultation in case your child is born with any major birth defects or congenital abnormality. The surgical treatment not only treats the children but enhances the mobility of the child for better movement. Further, our child specialists do not treat diseases but offer the best opportunity for parents whose children are suffering from diverse kinds of pediatric problems. Thereby, enhancing their health conditions for later stages of life.