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Neonatology Hospital in Jaipur

Babylon Hospital is the top neonatology hospital in Jaipur that has highly experienced neonatologists who can tackle complex and critical conditions of premature and newborn babies very efficiently. Our experts determine and treat multiple conditions of infants such as breathing issues and other diseases and disorders that occur due to the premature birth of the baby. Moreover, we provide the highest quality of care facilities and therapy treatment to oversee babies that are brought into the world untimely, or are sick and required a medical procedure to overcome the problems. We have a team of dedicated neonatologists and other healthcare professionals aim to offer specialist care to the infants for a wide range of complex medical issues such as congenital defects and other diseases.

Being the best neonatology hospital in Jaipur, we have a state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) that provide optimum care to critically ill neonates and infants. The NICU is equipped with all the latest types of equipment and utilizes advanced technology so that the best possible care can be rendered to the smallest patients. Moreover, we have highly trained nurses and other medical staff along with a team of experienced neonatologists who strive to deliver the highest quality of neonatal care round the clock. Furthermore, we understand that comprehensive care for preterm babies and infants is possible only when the neonatologists work in coordination with other specialists. Therefore, our care team comprises skilled, experienced and qualified pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, nurses and healthcare professionals along with neonatologists who are experts in treating problems of children.

Neonatology Hospital in Jaipur

Moreover, the Although pediatricians can cure major diseases related to infants and children the neonatologists primarily focus on treating problems of newborn and premature babies, such as any serious injury, illness and birth defects that might occur at the time of delivery of the baby. These problems can be found in the major organs of the baby such as lungs, heart, or the digestive system or the skin that are underdeveloped and lacks proper functioning without any mechanical support. Further, the parents can also receive necessary consultation regarding the nutrition challenges of the newborn to ensure proper growth and development of the newborn.

Avail the best treatment facilities at the top neonatology hospital in Jaipur

Our neonatology specialists at the neonatology hospital in Jaipur utilize the latest and most advanced types of equipment that are specially designed for treating premature babies. Thus, the infrastructure includes ventilators, nitric oxide, a sophisticated heart-lung machine that supports babies with breathing difficulties. In addition to this, the high-quality incubators and radiant warmers enable to keep the babies warm and at the same time allows the NICU staff to carefully observe the babies. This helps in continuous monitoring of the baby in terms of blood pressure level, heartbeat and breathing rate as well as the oxygen level in the blood. Thus, with dedicated NICU facilities, issues associated with babies like prematurity, respiration, metabolism, and other severe infections can be managed.

If the newborn is detected with any major abnormality, then it is recommended that the parents should visit the neonatologist who performs different procedures and treatments to improve the health conditions of the baby. The most appropriate treatment approach will be adopted after discussing with the other healthcare professionals such as obstetricians, pediatric surgeons, gynecologists, pediatricians and the NICU nurses who are aware of the baby’s condition and have useful suggestions regarding treatment. Depending on the severity of the condition, it might be possible that birth abnormality or defect can be treated only through surgical procedures. Therefore, in such a situation, our neonatologists consult the specialized surgeon to treat diseases or disorders of a specific body part.

At the best neonatology hospital in Jaipur, our dedicated team members while offering supreme quality care at the NICU adopt a comprehensive treatment approach that is meant to cure the problems of high-risk newborns and premature babies. In addition to this, the parents are provided necessary guidance regarding how to maintain the optimum health of their baby and necessary steps that should be taken for improving the health conditions of your little one.