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Best Neonatologist in Jaipur

We at Babylon understands that your child is essential for you and care for your newborn who needs surgery. As surgery of a kid is a delicate process, we have a dedicated neonatal surgical unit that helps your baby recover under the observation of the best neonatologist in Jaipur. We have world-class diagnostic and treatment facilities for critically ill children and newborns. Through your baby’s stand-in NSU, our expert staff is available round the clock to take care of the baby and make sure to provide quality treatment. Thus, our expert neonatologist helps the parents to manage the high-risk and complex conditions of the newborns. We have a team of experts on board that is involved throughout the recovery of your child. We have professionals as:

  • Neonatologist
  • Occupational therapists
  • Dieticians
  • Pharmacists
  • Lactation consultants

Although pediatricians can help parents manage a wide variety of problems of children, neonatologists specifically aim at newborn children and hold special expertise in treating the most complex diseases. At Babylon Hospital, we offer the best neonatal intensive care in Jaipur that can help premature babies overcome any major birth defects, injuries and other kinds of any serious illness like the breathing defects. In addition to this, the neonatologists may also provide useful assistance during the time of delivery along with subsequent care of the newborn baby. Other specialists like gynecologists and obstetricians can be referred and consulted by the neonatologist for proper care of the baby during the pregnancy stage.

Babylon Hospital

Apart from this, the pediatric neonatal surgical doctor in Jaipur ensure complete coordination and management of care facilities for premature newborns who are recommended to undergo surgery. Based on the condition of the newborn child, the neonatologist carries out discussions with the general physician and chooses the surgical treatment option to overcome your child’s health issues. The medical history and the test results of examination like x-rays, CT scan, blood test, MRI, Electrocardiogram are undertaken to determine the exact cause of the disease that is affecting the child. Moreover, depending on the seriousness of the illness and injury of the baby the surgery performed can be major or minor. The other factors that are kept in mind include the expected recovery time and the challenges of the operation.

Find the best neonatal intensive care in Jaipur with top neonatologists

The best neonatologist in Jaipur helps not only help babies overcome their problems but also stabilizes their condition from multiple types of life-threatening diseases. Further, the nutrition-related requirements that are essential for healing, development, and growth are also addressed by these neonatal specialists. Managing small and premature babies is quite challenging as there can be potential problems associated with major organs like the heart, lungs, skin or stomach as they are unable to function without any medical support. We have the latest machines and equipment that help in the diagnosis of the problems and thus, provide reliable and quality treatment to the small babies.

A medical error during childhood can severely impact the growth and development of the child as compared to his peers in the same age group. Therefore, approaching the pediatric neonatal surgical doctor in Jaipur can help newborns overcome deformities through surgeries related to the head, chest, neck, heart, and abdomen. The surgeries may also involve removal of brain tumors, correction of malformation related to face and skull, repairing heart problems like congenital heart disease along with organ transplantation. Although these surgeries demand lengthy hospital stays with the dedicated hospital staff, quality intensive care can be provided to the baby which helps in early recovery of the patient.

If you are looking for a hospital that can provide you the best neonatal intensive care in Jaipur, visit Babylon Hospital which has a team of expert neonatologists and pediatricians who provide top-quality care and medical facilities to premature and newborn children. Further, we offer comprehensive care and prompt medical treatment facilities that enable us to meet any medical emergency related to the children. Moreover, we have trained professionals in the NICU that offer specialized care to the babies so that the best possible outcomes can be obtained.