The radiology department at Babylon hospital is known for its expertise in imaging and providing a broad spectrum of common childhood diseases with a complete and detailed evaluation. We use the advanced diagnostic equipment, and our team of experts is on-board 24/7 for the children. Our radiology department team works with kids and use special advanced equipment designed for children to perform various tests. This makes your infant feel comfortable around exposed to the radiation and hence producing more accurate information. Nevertheless, we perform all tests in supervision and guidance. We make sure the results come up to the marks as we use all the latest machines and types of equipment to perform the tests. The laboratory services aid in the diagnosis of patients. These services include:-


  • Blood count, urinalysis, cholesterol tests, haemoglobin tests, spinal fluid analysis, liver function tests immunology and allergy testing, diagnostic testing, transfusion medicine, pathology, and therapeutic drug monitoring.
  • 24 Hours availability of Patho, Micro and Biochemical tests.
  • Tests like X-ray, Ultrasonography, ECG, EEG, NCV, BERA, Echo Cardiology, Doppler etc.

Laboratory Services & Pediatric Radiology