5 Ways To Care For Your Preterm Baby

Premature babies are infants that are born before 3 weeks of the expected due date. Premature babies are comparatively weak and need more care. Premature birth can be risky for the babies as they don't get the mandated time in the mother's womb to fully develop and mature. Premature babies most of the time suffer from different health ailments that significantly detriment their health. The most common health problems in them are apnoea, respiratory stress disorder, jaundice, anaemia, etc. According to the best child specialist in Jaipur, if you feel anxious about your newborn's health, seek assistance from the child intensivist in Jaipur. Here are some of the care tips for your preterm baby. 

Taking Your Child Home From The Hospital

Taking your premature child home can be very daunting for you. It is important to understand the necessary precautions you need to take to keep your baby safe. Also, remember to keep your baby indoors as they are more prone to infections. New parents also need to understand that the doctor only decides to discharge the baby when the baby is stable and ready to go home so there is no need to stress over it. 

Breastfeeding Your Premature Baby

Breastfeeding is important for the baby as it provides the baby with all the necessary nutrients they require for proper development and growth. Also, breastfeeding is an important part of motherhood. If your baby is not yet ready to breastfeed, you can learn to express your breast milk with the help of a nurse or midwife at least 8 to 10 times a day. Breast milk is specially designed for babies so they can easily digest them and acquire all the essential nutrition. 

Skin To Skin Contact With The Baby

One of the best exercises to help your baby develop is letting the baby rest on your chest with skin-to-skin contact. This lets them adapt to the new environment along with reducing the uneasiness or pain that the child might be feeling. This also helps the baby with weight gain, regulates heart rate and breathing, and establishes breastfeeding.  

Pay Attention To Baby's Sleep

Preterm babies often sleep more as this helps them with development. It is important to ensure that the baby is sleeping properly. Make sure they sleep on the back and never on the stomach. Also, only let the baby always sleep on a hard surface and not on soft pillows.  

Avoid Taking Your Baby Outdoor

Your preterm baby has a low immunity so they are more prone to infections. It is important to avoid going outdoors with your baby as they might catch infections. Doctor's appointments are an exception. According to the best neonatology hospital in Jaipur, it is important to keep the baby in clean and safe environments to protect them from infections or even fatality.  

These were some of the precautions and steps you should undertake to care for your preterm baby at home. Always make sure your baby is comfortable and in a safe space. If you find any signs of danger or possible health issues, consult the child intensivist in Jaipur as soon as possible.