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Child Intensivist in Jaipur

Has your child detected with severe pediatric conditions? Has the pediatrician suggested to admit your child to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)? Don’t worry! Babylon Hospital has the best child intensivist in Jaipur who strive to offer the highest quality of care to the children and infants who are critically ill. Our pediatricians recommend parents to admit their child in the PICU in case the child is experiencing serious illness and injury that is resulting in the unstable condition of the patient. The critical condition of the children and infants can occur due to severe breathing problems like asthma, major complications due to diabetes, heart problems along with any birth problems, complex heart conditions, infection or sudden trauma or injury. The children are admitted to PICU when they require intensive care and there is any potential medical emergency that can not be treated in the general OPD.

In the PICU and NICU section, the sick and weak children are provided with the highest level of medical care by our child intensivist in Jaipur. Moreover, these medical care units significantly differ from the main healthcare facilities as the children and newborns are provided intensive nursing care that allows our experts to continuously monitor breathing rate, blood pressure, and heartbeat rate. The stay in the PICU and NICU depends on the condition of the child and therefore, the stay usually extends from one and two days as only critically ill patients are only admitted to these units. We have highly skilled, trained and qualified staff who care for the sickest children.

One of the major problems and challenges faced while treating children is that they are not able to express their problems clearly. As a result, it is quite difficult to correctly diagnose their disease and provide the best of the treatment to overcome it. Further, parents are also not allowed in these intensive care units regularly and there are fixed visiting hours. This helps in avoiding infection to the child which can further enhance the problem.

Child Intensivist in Jaipur

Quality care for critically ill children is possible with the best child intensivist in Jaipur

The pediatric intensivist possesses specialized knowledge and training in treating small kids and also they carefully monitor the condition of the child so the progressive recovery can be ensured. In addition to this, the child intensivist also coordinates with experts from other subspecialties so that a comprehensive treatment strategy can be planned for the patient. Thus, the specialists coordinate with the cardiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons and other healthcare professionals depending on the need and the condition of the children. Similarly, physical therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, occupational therapists also play an important role once the child is discharged from the PICU.

The treatment of critically ill children in the pediatric intensive care unit requires specialized care that can be possible with our top child intensivist in Jaipur. These healthcare professionals perform a wide variety of functions such as the supervision of infants and children on ventilators along with caring for children suffering from severe heart and lung diseases. Moreover, children born with birth defects and who have suffered severe brain trauma injuries. Ventilators are one of the most important equipment in PICU that helps children who are facing extreme difficulty in breathing. The machine ensures a greater supply of oxygen to the patient with the help of a tube or pipe that is attached to the patient’s nose.

The fact that children are more prone to diseases cannot be denied and if the correct diagnosis is not made at the right time, the condition can be worse. This can be highly stressful for the parents as their child is admitted to the PICU. But at our hospital, we have the best child intensivist in Jaipur, who can help your child in successful recovery as these specialists undertake careful monitoring of all the vital body functions of your child. Further, these specialists can also render useful advice and guidance regarding the resources that can be utilized by pediatricians for the timely recovery of the patient.