Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a form of developmental disorder that affects children in two major ways. Firstly, they can impair their communication ability and secondly may lead them to hold repetitive behavior. This makes it difficult for them to socialize with others. According to the best child development center in Jaipur, children with autism have trouble understanding the world around them and have narrowed interests.  

What are the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder?

Autism shows differently in different children. Most children begin to indicate signs of autism till they reach two years of age. They may show regression in communication and social skills. According to the best child hospital in Jaipur, the number of symptoms differs according to children’s ages and the impact that autism holds on their daily lives. 

A child with autism may have trouble with these: 

Kids with autism may have unusual habits or activities like doing something over and over again or saying something repeatedly. While some children may have a little problem with these, some may need assistance from a health professional or their parents. 

How is autism diagnosed?

Children with autism can be diagnosed at 12-18 months or at 2 years of age. Diagnosis of autism is done through a multidisciplinary approach with the involvement of health professionals like a pediatrician, a psychologist, a speech therapist, and a physiatrist. Diagnosis may also need assistance from other experts, like occupational therapists. There is no single test that determines autism in children, the best child specialist in Jaipur employs various strategies and assessments to determine it. 

The diagnosis is basically based on: 

What are the risk factors for autism?

The main risk factors of autism in children are low birth weights, older parents, and getting exposure to a drug like a valproate during pregnancy in the mother's womb. More cases of autism in young boys have been witnessed in comparison to girls.  

How is autism treated?

Currently, there is no cure for autism but several therapies have worked to improve the conditions like behavioral problems caused by it.  

Some therapies that worked well with children with autism are: 

Applied behavior analysis (ABA): This program mainly focuses on developing communication skills and discouraging negative behaviors in ASD children.

Occupational therapy (OT): This therapy helps children manage their daily activities and reduce symptoms like sensitivity to light and sounds.

Speech or physical therapy: Children with ASD who need assistance with their physical and speech activities are introduced to this therapy.

According to the best child development center in Jaipur, there is no such cure that completely treats autism. Some people talk about alternative therapies but they can be very dangerous. It is suggested by the best baby doctor in Jaipur to work closely with your child's doctor while getting treatment of your child to fully understand the treatment. 

If you are concerned about your child's development, talk to the best child development center in Jaipur that will help your child with the assessment and treatment of the condition and provide the best health care your child needs.